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In the spirit of the human being you have become, work in harmony for other people and give meaning to life.


Give meaning to life by giving some help and sacrifice to other people in the spirit of the person you have become.


Serve and act with a kind heart to all people. Join us to remove the poor and ignorant society.

About Us

Vikan Welfare Foundation was established with the aim of creating a better, healthier and prosperous India. Our company registered office is located in Rajasthan and we are a trusted welfare organization. Our services are provided to you with the hope of a beautiful and harmonious future. Through intelligent decisions made in the present based on the experiences gained from the past. The relief provided by our charity spans a wide range. 

What Do We Do

By engaging in an altruistic social mission and creating a beautiful India, giving priority to education and paying more attention to educational activities, many benefits are provided to the educational sector by our institution.We have shown great concern for disabled people and women and we have taken measures to provide women and disabled people with employment opportunities, various concessions and to raise their standard of living.Steps have been taken to protect cultural heritage and promote art and culture by paying attention to art and cultural activities.There are also measures to improve the lives of poor people.Actions have been taken to provide relief to the workers of the industries by boosting the industrial activities.Measures are being implemented to promote the health sector, which brings great problems to our country. Commerce, art, science, sports, social welfare are done and the living standards of poor people are raised and relief is also provided to widows.









How Do We Help


Health is an important factor in creating a successfulcountry.Therefore, we will take steps to create a healthy India by giving priority to health. We will take steps to create a high promotion and development in the field of health by taking systematic steps. Through this, we will create a healthy India and provide the foundation to conquer the world.


Services are successfully provided for differently abled persons and and women empowerment mented.Actions have been taken to provide residential facilities, food, education etc. to poor people, disabled people, widows and the elderly.Let’s build a beautiful India through that.


Education should be given first place for a beautiful and educated India. Education is doing a great mission in overcoming the Hetabloka through educated intellectuals and creating useful designs. Education is necessary to grow in a high place globally. We try to build a beautiful India through a systematic education pattern.


  • Providing career opportunities to people with various disabilities.
  • Providing training, education and professional jobs to women.
  • To maintain and protect our cultural heritage.
  • Establishing a home for people with various disabilities.
  • Giving an open opportunity to each and every person to show his/her self.
  • Talent or creativity
    Women Empowerment and Protection (Housewives, Village Women, Backward Area Women, Handicapped Women etc.)
  • To educate the society for various challenges.
  • Providing livelihood to the poor person.
  • To provide health-related services (preserving mental and physical health by preventing or treating disease through services
    offered by the health profession.)
  • Bringing a differently abled person into the mainstream.
  • Promotion of arts and cultural activities.
  • Providing a healthy environment for work.
  • Prevention and protection of labor rights and abuse of labor rights.
  • Creating interest in labor.
  • Welcome and encourage new ideas, creativity, imagination, thoughts etc.
  • Supporting skills promotion and skill development.
  • Promoting our culture of excellence and Swacha Bharat Abhiyan (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle).
  • Provide, establish, endow, maintain, control and manage the proposed school and do all things necessary to do or promote the proposed school.
  • Offering technical ministries and other posts necessary to run the proposed school and make appointments and promotions for it.
  • To create an ecosystem that helps and supports innovation, incubation and knowledge-based entrepreneurship among the community, creating wealth and structure.
  • To promote entrepreneurship in all fields including management, science, technology, medicine and agriculture.
  • Working and developing, establishing, promoting, facilitating, promoting, enhancing entrepreneurship while being a successful entrepreneur to provide an appropriate environment for the transformation of knowledge and innovation into a commercial product.
  • Providing educational, social, cultural, economic and medical relief.
  • Working for the poor and downtrodden and upliftment of any other charity.
  • General public utility and development objectives of the community and
    Welfare provision.
  • To promote commerce, art, science, sports, education, research, social welfare, religion, charity, and environmental protection or any other object.
  • Working to provide food, residential facilities and education to poor people, people with various disabilities, widows, elderly people.

What People Have to Say

Firstly I will like to thank you for your promptness and for your instantaneous reply and assistance for emergency. My mom has low platelets and required single donor platelets but this team found me donor withing hours. I'm from mauritius international did not expect so much help. Will be always grateful to you and your team. God bless you all for your noble works
Raj Khan
This organization is a perfect example of how you can do something for others selflessly. This welfare foundation has always been kind to help us out. They reach out the family, arrange the requirement and doesn't even takes pride that they saved someone's entire life. A lot to learn from the team.
Shivani Kafoor
This foundation really helped me when it was needed. They immediately sent people to help my family, within hours of contact.
Shiva Kumar
This welfare foundation supports us during our tough time and it is still working in that way only which give them a huge round of applause. Thank you .
Rani Patel

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